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Called without any arguments, paperq will open the next article in the queue. The article is subsequently removed from the queue. Command-line arguments provide further options for interacting with the queue. By default, for all actions operating on a file in the queue, the file at the head of the queue (position 1) will be operated upon. If the -n argument is passed with a numeric argument, you may specify a given file by its numeric position in the queue (use the -l option to list the entire queue in order to see position numbers). Thus, to open the fifth paper in the queue, you would call paperq -n 5. To remove the eighth paper, use paperq -r -n 8.

Command-line arguments

  • -n NUM set the queue position number on which to operate (default 1)

Manipulate and interact with the queue

  • -o: open a file for viewing (default)
  • -a FILES: add FILES to the queue
  • -r: remove a file from the queue
  • -p: peek at a file: open it, but do not remove it from the queue
  • -t: print a file
  • -x: create a tarball of the articles in the queue

Display information about the queue and individual papers:

  • -l: list all of the documents in the queue
  • -i: display information for a file
  • -f: display file locations rather than bibliographic information


  • -h: display help